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Wisconsin Governor Institutes 60-Day Moratorium on Evictions, Foreclosures

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued Emergency Order #15, which temporarily bans foreclosures and evictions. The order is effective immediately and shall remain in place for 60 days. Under this order, landlords are prohibited from serving any notice terminating a tenancy for failure to pay rent. As detailed in the order, landlords are also prohibited from commencing a civil action of eviction unless certain conditions are met.

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Temporary Relief for Texas DHCA-Controlled Multifamily Properties

Given the current national economic situation and an expectation that numerous multifamily developments will experience rent shortages in the next months, and acknowledging the existence of various moratoria on evictions for non-payment of rent, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) is announcing that it expects to not enforce its penalty, acceleration or foreclosure options for nonpayment on multifamily notes under its control for 60 days beginning on April 1, 2020, until May 31, 2020, to allow for the economic situation to stabilize and for implementation of a more comprehensive solution. 

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