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Case Study: Collaborating for Support

Journalists and social commentators often decry the shame of homelessness by ironically invoking the image of people living on the street in this land of plenty within sight of the Washington Monument, or the Empire State Building, the Space Needle or the TransAmerica Pyramid.

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Cost Containment Strategies: Katerra

A little over a century after the assembly line and vertical integration came to the automobile industry and transformed the nation, the same concepts and efficiencies are slowly making their way into the construction business.

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As energy conservation grows in importance from both a financial and environmental standpoint, and as the task of preserving affordable housing intensifies, New York state is launching a bold initiative to confront both challenges. RetrofitNY, pronounced “Retrofit New York” and administered by NYSERDA – the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority – has the goal, in the agency’s own words, “to spearhead the creation of standardized, scalable solutions and processes that will improve the aesthetic and comfort of residential buildings while dramatically improving their energy performance.

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Building Your Bench

What constitutes effective leadership and how to improve it is a constant source of discussion and reflection throughout American industry in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. The affordable housing area is no exception.

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Pam Goodman

“I grew up in Detroit in the 1950s and early 1960s, and it had a tremendous effect on me. I saw stable neighborhoods fall apart overnight. Growing up in the city was a very powerful influence.”

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Chrystal Kornegay

When Republican candidate Charles D. Baker lost the 2010 race for governor of Massachusetts to Democrat Deval Patrick, largely on the basis of blue collar and liberal enclaves throughout the state, he went into the political wilderness for a lot of personal reflection and soul-searching.

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