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Joe Wishcamper Cares About Everybody

” I came of age during Vietnam and the Civil Rights struggle, thinking about how I could do something of social value,” Lyndel J. “Joe” Wishcamper told Tax Credit Advisor in 2015. “I am very lucky that I had the opportunity to go into affordable housing; that it draws on my skill sets. And when I hire people, I look for those same values: passion not only for the business, but for the work.”

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A Couple of Joes

Each year since 2004, National Housing & Rehabilitation Association has bestowed its Affordable Housing Vision Award to affordable housing and community development leaders who have made significant and valuable contributions to the field and demonstrated years of leadership, commitment and imagination.

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A Good School Up the Block

It is now accepted wisdom that the key social determinant to a stable and productive life for both adults and children is stable and permanent housing: It all starts with a secure place to live; that is the game-changer.

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