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New Jersey Updates Unified Application for Housing Production Programs

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJ HMFA) updated the Unified Application For Housing Production Programs (UNIAP), effective Dec. 21, 2020. Changes include the following: Clarification on the application process; Updates to available programs; Income Averaging selection box; and Updated lists of documents required for application.

QAP New Jersey

Melanie Walter to Lead New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

Melanie Walter was appointed as executive director of New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA) at its December 10 board meeting. Walter served as Department of Community Affairs (DCA) director of the Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) and Local Finance Board chairwoman for two and half years, first as acting director, then under permanent appointment.

Blueprint for December: With 2020 in the Rearview Mirror, Let’s Choose to Keep Looking Forward

There’s no question our country is divided, as evidenced by the rancorous 2020 presidential campaign and heated down-ballot contests in many states. We’re all entitled to our political opinions, of course. And debating those opinions from the kitchen table to the town square is part of what makes America who we are. We are opinionated. We are strong-headed. And we are capable of getting anything done when we really need to.

Blueprint for November: The Future of Senior Housing Starts Now

I like to joke with other parents that we need to treat our children well, because someday they’ll be choosing our senior living arrangements and I’d like to live someplace nice.

Blueprint for October: The Importance of Perspective

Thanks for picking up this month’s copy of Tax Credit Advisor. I’m the new executive editor, taking over from Marty Bell who is enjoying a well-earned retirement after bringing you news about industry innovation. Marty left some big shoes to fill, and it’s my goal to build on his efforts to give you the information and analysis you need to help you identify opportunities in your sector of the market. NH&RA is here to help you build your business, and our team wants to make this magazine and all our other content well worth your memberships and subscriptions.

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