To help further the goals of the organization, NCHMA members are encouraged to participate on one the Council’s committees. NCHMA Committees include:

Membership & Education Committee

Members oversee NCHMA’s continuing education program, develop conference programming, and spearhead member recruitment and retention programs.

Standards Committee

This committee is responsible for the development of the Council’s market study best practices, white papers, educational publications and research.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee brings together the primary users of market studies including, including investors, syndicators, housing finance agencies, asset managers, and developers to provide feedback on how to improve our best practices and model content standards. In addition, the Advisory Committee serves as a conduit to the industry, providing a forum where market study users and providers can discuss critical issues and ideas.

Ethics & Professional Responsibility Committee

This Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of NCHMA’s code of ethics and professional responsibility.

FHA Lender & Underwriting Committee

The FHA Lender & Underwriting Committee is a vehicle for FHA lenders, analysts, and appraisers to discuss underwriting and market study best practices for FHA’s MAP and LEAN programs.  It also provide a central gathering point for stakeholders to provide feedback to HUD on key underwriting topics.

Peer Review Committee

The Peer Review Committee is responsible for conducting the Peer Reviews for all new members undertaking the Council’s Professional Designation Program.  All members of the committee currently maintain a Professional Member Designation.