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Tuesday, March 31

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Market Study Fundamentals: Welcome & Introductions


The Elements of Real Estate Market Analysis

Key Topics Include:
  • Conclusions that can be drawn from a market study
  • How is a market study different from an appraisal
  • What are the different types of market studies
  • Typical components of a market study
  • Understanding market study scopes of work
  • Housing market issues


  • Rob Vogt, Vogt Strategic Insights
  • Bob Lefenfeld, Real Property Research Group, Inc.

Site Analysis & Primary Market Area

Key Topics Include:

  • Site Analysis: understanding the site characteristics & plan
  • Neighborhood Analysis
  • Crime’s impact on marketability
  • Defining Primary & Secondary Market Areas
  • Primary Market Area vs. Housing Market Area
  • Primary Market Area Considerations & Factors for Delineation of Primary Market Areas
  • Market Area Red Flags


  • Rob Vogt, Vogt Strategic Insights
  • Bob Lefenfeld, Real Property Research Group, Inc.

Networking Break


The Economic Context & Demographic Trends

Key Topics Include:

  • Labor Force & Unemployment
  • At Place Employment
  • Sources of Data (public and private)
  • Factors Impacting Population and Household Trends & Projections
  • Demographic Context & Analysis
  • Drawing Conclusions from Economic Data Sources
  • Construction and Absorption Levels
  • Characteristics of Housing Stock
  • Rent & Vacancy Trends
  • Pipeline


  • Rob Vogt, Vogt Strategic Insights
  • Bob Lefenfeld, Real Property Research Group, Inc.

Networking Lunch


Rental Market Trends and Conditions & Calculating Market Rent

Key Topics Include:

  • U.S. Census Data: Building Permit Data & Household Data Profiles
  • Field Survey Best Practices
  • Comparable vs. Competitive Properties
  • Analysis of Findings from the Field Survey


  • Rob Vogt, Vogt Strategic Insights
  • Bob Lefenfeld, Real Property Research Group, Inc.

Networking Break


Findings and Conclusions: Capture Rates, Demand Analysis & Rent Analysis

Key Topics Include:

  • Factors Impacting the Relevance of the Comparable Properties
  • Considerations for Age-Restricted Properties
  • Comparable Properties for Rehabs
  • Defining & Calculating Achievable Rent
  • Rent Adjustment Grids
  • Achievable Rent Red Flags
  • Demand Analysis & Considerations
  • Calculating and Interpreting Capture Rates & Penetration Rates


  • Rob Vogt, Vogt Strategic Insights
  • Bob Lefenfeld, Real Property Research Group, Inc.

Networking Break


Market Study End User Discussion

  • Jerri Bain, Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority
  • Brian Blue, R4 Captial
  • Rachel Denton, Novogradac Consulting LLP MODERATOR
  • David Melanson, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • James Riggs, Osprey Property Company

Networking Reception


Networking Dinner: Mintwood Place Restaurant

Additional fees apply.  To register please contact Brooke Williamson –

Wednesday, April 1

Time Description

NCHMA Executive Committee Meeting

Executive Session; NCHMA Officers Only


Welcome & Introductions


The Evolving Policy Landscape’s Impact on Affordable Housing Finance

Keeping track of ever-changing policy developments at the federal, state and local levels is a daunting task. Learn about the latest policy proposals from federal housing and banking regulators including how Community Revitalization Act (CRA) Reform and Housing Finance Reform are impacting the affordable housing industry.  Receive the latest updates from HUD and the Federal Housing Agency (FHA) on the MAP Guide, the federal housing budget and efforts to remove regulatory barriers in affordable housing.  Learn how increasing demand on private activity bond cap is impacting multifamily affordable housing finance and what affordable housing stakeholders can do to advocate for this vital resource.

  • Tom Bernaciak, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Ethan Ostrow, Norris George & Ostrow PLLC
  • Benson “Buzz” Roberts, National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders
  • Kaitlyn Snyder, National Housing & Rehabilitation Association  MODERATOR
  • Stockton Williams, National Council of State Housing Agencies

Networking Break


Data Driven Decision Making: Better Understanding Housing Markets through New Data Sources

Understanding housing markets is critical for market analysts, developers, investors, lenders and underwriters. This panel will explore how to access new and evolving data sources and help you understand what is really important as you underwrite your next transaction.

  • Elizabeth M. Beckett, Real Estate Strategies, Inc./RES Advisors MODERATOR
  • Curtis Edwards, AirDNA
  • Andy Masters, Enterprise Community Partners Inc.

Networking Luncheon


Regional Policy Makers Roundtable

Representatives from the regional housing finance agencies, housing authorities and local governments will share key affordable housing and multifamily policy priorities as well as new developments and resources their jurisdictions. These timely policy insights could help decide how to fund your next deal!

  • David Bowers, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. MODERATOR
  • Polly Donaldson, District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Kenneth Holt, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Sheila Stone, Virginia Housing Development Authority
  • Richard Tucker, Housing Arlington

Networking Break


Where Will Rent Grow in 2020? Trends & Factors Impacting Affordable Housing Markets

This panel will explore critical factors and trends that impact AMI and rent growth.  Expert panelists will cover a range of topics including how recent minimum wage increases should be considered in demographic analysis, the impact of rent control on housing markets, projected AMI growth in 2020 as well as changes to Small Area FMRs and their impact on voucher rents.

  • Jennifer Dionne, The Signal Group MODERATOR
  • Kelly Gorman, Novogradac Consulting LLP
  • Lisa Sturtevant, Virginia REALTORS, LLC

Networking Break


Developers Roundtable: Industry Trends & State of the Art Multifamily Case Studies

Leading affordable housing developers will present case studies from recent deals including twinning four and nine percent credits, rural, new construction and preservation. Panelists will forecast how they see the industry evolving from their unique vantage points and detail how their companies are changing to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Meghan Altidor, Nixon Peabody MODERATOR
  • Noah Hale, TM Associates
  • Nina Janopaul, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing
  • Jair Lynch, Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners

Conclusion of Program

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