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NLHA Report on the Impacts of COVID-19 On Affordable Housing Providers

A new report from the National Leased Housing Association warns, “in the long run, the negative impacts on housing providers, if not addressed, will result in lower housing supply, reduced renter mobility and foregone benefits to low- and moderate-income communities. However, if housing providers can recover financially and restore investments in new housing developments, including affordable housing, the industry can play an important role in the economic recovery from COVID-19.”

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COVID-19 Housing Provider Survey Due Aug. 18

The National Leased Housing Association (NLHA) has formulated a survey to collect data to further inform what impact the pandemic is having (both short-term and long-term) on housing providers and the rental market. A report will be produced to assess the negative impacts of COVID-19 on rental housing providers, which will be widely distributed. The deadline for completion is Tuesday, August 18.

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