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Furman Center Report Concludes NYCHA’s Woes Cannot Be Solved Solely Through Better Management

A new brief from the Furman Center, NYCHA’s Road Ahead: Capital and Operating Budget Needs, Shortfalls, and Plans, reviews how the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) plans to address its massive public housing repair needs in the coming years and identified a number of serious potential challenges. “In a 2017 Physical Needs Assessment (PNA), NYCHA’s engineering consultants estimated the cost of repairing and replacing necessary building systems over five years to be $31.8 billion ($180,700 per unit), and $45.2 billion ($255,700 per unit) over 20 years…while management is often blamed for NYCHA’s state of disrepair, capital needs of this magnitude cannot arise from management deficiencies alone, nor can they be solved solely by better management practices.”

Urban Institute Highlights Zoning Strategies to Improve Housing Affordability

A recent post on the Urban Institute website by Solomon Greene and Jorge Gonzalez highlights how local governments are “increasingly recognizing that restrictive zoning and outdated land-use regulations can suppress housing supply, drive up housing costs, and widen racial and economic disparities. Leveraging smart zoning reforms and easing building restrictions can unleash housing supply to help meet the needs of current and future residents.”  The post highlights several local strategies including:

  • Minneapolis, MN – first major city to eliminate single-family zoning
  • Fairfax County, VA – easing height and density restrictions
  • Washington, DC – in-law units
  • Seattle, WA – rezoned single-family neighborhoods as “residential small lot” areas
  • Santa Rosa, CA – streamlining review for infill housing
  • Pinellas County, FL and Austin, TX – expediting review processes and waiving fees if the project involves dedicated affordable housing
  • Buffalo, NY, Hartford CT and San Francisco, CA – eliminating off-street parking requirements
  • New York, NY – Mandatory inclusionary zoning
  • New Orleans, LA – tailored neighborhood inclusionary zoning
  • King County, WA – affordable housing providers get “first look” at county-owned land

State of New York City’s Subsidized Housing Webinar Sept. 25

The NYU Furman Center will host a free webinar, on Tuesday September 25th at 12:00 p.m. ET, on the State of New York City’s Subsidized Housing in 2017. The webinar will review major programs used to develop and preserve affordable housing in the city, and provide the number and location of properties benefiting from a subsidy or incentive in 2017. It will also reveal when affordability restrictions on some of those properties will expire unless renewed by the owners and housing agencies. Participants will also learn how to find this information in the NYU Furman Center’s Neighborhood Data Profiles and its Subsidized Housing Database, and how to use the new data in conjunction with to explore changing housing and economic trends in New York City neighborhoods.    

New York City Mayor Expands Housing Plan

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a major expansion to the City’s affordable housing plan.   The administration is on track to build and protect 200,000 affordable homes by 2022, two years ahead of schedule. With the addition of new tools, programs and funding, the City will ramp up to securing 25,000 affordable apartments annually by 2021 and beyond—a pace it has never before reached. With that machinery in place, the City is taking on a new goal: 300,000 such apartments by 2026.  This includes a significant capital increase — $150 million more per year in capital will be allocated to extend through 2026.  This will bring the City’s investment in achieving 100,000 more homes to about $1.3 billion per year over nine years.  Click here to learn more.

Mayor de Blasio Appoints Leadership at Major Housing Agencies

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced four key appointments to his administration, pledging to expand access to affordable housing and upgrade the city’s aging public housing stock. The mayor named Shola Olatoye as chair of the New York City Housing Authority, Cecil House as the authority’s general manager, Vicki Been as the commissioner of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and Gary D. Rodney as president of the Housing Development Corporation. The administration is working toward a goal of building and preserving 200,000 units of affordable housing over the next decade and addressing longstanding health and safety repair issues affecting the city’s more than 400,000 housing authority tenants.
Click here to view the full Press Release from the City of New York