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Housing USA: Portland

If U.S. Senators weigh in on America’s housing crisis, they need to understand the complexity of the issues. Of course we need more affordable housing almost everywhere, but the problems go beyond that.

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Fewer Immigrants, Higher Prices

Walk by any construction site in a major U.S. city, and you’ll hear one of the great instruments in the symphony that is modern urban American life. It seems that no matter the day or the hour—it could be 6am on a Sunday—these unfinished structures will emanate with the cacophony of boots stomping, saws cutting and nail guns popping.

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Defending the Forts

Though it hearkens back to a different time, a different leader and a different struggle, the former defense secretary’s comment during a Pentagon news briefing pretty much portrays the current industry knowledge of the Trump Administration’s intentions and goals regarding affordable housing, urban regeneration, historic rehabilitation and the tax credit and other government programs that support them. The proposed budget and tax reform represent two distinct but interrelated challenges.

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