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Case Study: Massachusetts Projects Cultivate Resident-Centered Communities

By / Issue: March 2023

While for-profit and nonprofit affordable housing developers can have different approaches to tax credit projects, there is one thing they generally agree on—the need for high-quality resident services for their populations.

Funding for Green Upgrades and Preservation

By / Issue: March 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provided the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with approximately $35 billion that is relevant to multifamily affordable housing.

Case Study: The Upper Post Flats of Minneapolis, MN

By / Issue: March 2023

It would make a good story if someone who moves into the renovated Upper Post Flats at historic Fort Snelling in Minneapolis had lived in those barracks on active-duty decades ago.

Legally Speaking

By & / Issue: March 2023

There is a subset of affordable housing multifamily apartment complexes referred to as Mark-to-Market (M2M).

Industry Insights

By / Issue: March 2023

In late January, after months of a two-track engagement process with tenant groups calling for nationwide rent control and industry groups calling for supply-side solutions, the Biden-Harris administration issued a press release, Blueprint for a Renters Bill of Rights and Resident-Centered Housing Challenge.

The Guru Is In

By / Issue: March 2023

Home is where you choose

Breaking Ground: Chris Jones, CEO, Housing Opportunities Unlimited

By / Issue: March 2023

Uprooting and relocating residents can be challenging and stressful if you don’t have the right people in charge to coordinate everything.

Blueprint for March: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By / Issue: March 2023

For decades now, “it takes a village” has been part of the American vernacular.

A Critical Need for Resident Services

By / Issue: March 2023

Building Community While Addressing Stability

A Common Goal  

By / Issue: March 2023

Robust resident services within affordable housing developments are key to transforming individual units and renters into a cohesive community.

Legally Speaking: Exploring the Tax-Exempt Muni Market in 2023

By / Issue: February 2023

The nationwide shortage of affordable housing continues to make headlines. For low-income individuals seeking affordable housing, waitlists are hundreds—in some cases, thousands—of names long.

The Rundown on Tax-Exempt Bonds

By / Issue: February 2023

A Critical Component of Affordable Multifamily Housing Projects

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