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Tax Reform Scorecard

It’s clear from adding up the pros and cons of last year’s tax reform that the tax credit industry could have fared a lot worse than it did. It’s also apparent that while the industry did take a few knocks, it wasn’t knocked for a loop.

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Talking Heads Jenny Netzer, TCAM

Asset managers make sure affordable housing produces the expected benefits. It’s the job of the asset manager to maximize the performance of affordable housing assets by delivering tax credits to investors, debt service to lenders, cash flow to owners and equity partners, compliance to regulators and quality housing to residents.

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Blueprint for August: Watch Your Assets

The storm you see on the cover of this issue is not, I promise you, a metaphor for the federal government or the NBA or Harvey Weinstein’s life. It’s just a storm, like the three that hit Florida last year, the same year that fires seered parts of California, as well as properties owned by some NH&RA members in the northeast.

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