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Affordable Across America: Northwest

By , & / Issue: April 2022

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New Developments: 50 Years of Resiliency


Over the past five decades, the affordable housing delivery system has evolved to meet the changing needs of low-income Americans, the waxing and waning of political will and ideologies and constantly evolving financial and housing market conditions.

Housing USA: America’s Affordability Landscape

By / Issue: April 2022

For National Housing & Rehabilitation Association’s 50th anniversary, we wanted to do a breakdown of the affordable housing situation in different parts of America, and how it has changed throughout the years. 

The Guru Is In: 50 Years of Difference-Makers

By / Issue: April 2022

Because life makes sense only in retrospect, we’re seldom aware in the moment that someone else’s action can change our lives forever. Nor will your benefactor know, then or after, just how seminal his or her small action was, and somehow, you’ve never thanked those who helped you.  

Breaking Ground: Mark Schuster, CEO, The Wingate Companies

By / Issue: April 2022

As we reflect back over the past 50 years and recognize some of our most prominent and supportive members in the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association, The Wingate Companies (founding members of NH&RA) needs to be on that list.   

Blueprint for April: The Value of Gold

By / Issue: April 2022

As the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2022, I find myself celebrating a shorter but still momentous anniversary. I joined Tax Credit Advisor’s editorial team seven years ago this month, which, fortuitously, coincides with my officially taking over as Editor-in-Chief of the magazine.  

Blueprint for January: The Common Good is the Common Thread

By / Issue: January 2022

The new year always brings new hopes and the potential for a fresh start. I try to be a glass half full kind of guy, but it’s tough as we slog through the third winter of the global pandemic.

New Developments: Designing Solutions for a Rising Cost Environment

By / Issue: March 2022

Navigating rising construction costs is currently a primary concern of all NH&RA members—and fittingly the focus of this issue.

Material Price Gap Funding

By / Issue: March 2022

The housing development sector nationwide continues to struggle with supply chain disruptions and building material price increases.

Industrialized Construction

By / Issue: March 2022

As construction costs continue to increase, exacerbated due to COVID-related supply chain issues and inflation, manufactured housing is an increasingly attractive option for affordable housing developers.

Housing USA: Transit-Oriented Development and Affordable At the Same Time?

By / Issue: March 2022

For several decades, U.S. cities have been building extensive light rail and bus rapid transit networks. In recent years, such expansions have included intentional plans to promote development around lines, implementing a strategy known as transit-oriented development (TOD).

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