June 2020

Workforce and Mixed-Income Housing

Talking Heads: Anthony Tarter, Executive Vice President and Director of Agency Workforce Housing & Social Impact for Bellwether Enterprise
Workforce housing is slowly getting the attention it deserves

The “Everything” Building
It took eight separate condos to finance Bronx mixed-income project

Impact Equity
Investment by Children’s Hospital enables Seattle workforce housing

COVID-19 Response Report

Thom Amdur: New Developments, COVID-19 musings: A few things I think I think

David A. Smith: The Guru Is In, Extinction, innovation and reform

Actions & Policy Update
HEROES Act specifics

OZones During COVID
In regulations, words matter

Resident Outreach
Basic necessities, resource packages and other adjustments

Scott Beyer: Housing USA The housing market in the age of coronavirus

Ernst & Young Corporate Tax Credit Fund Watch

Legal matters: Year 15 Disputes Continue
Developers defend their rights

Monthly Features

Marty Bell: Blueprint for June, Building as a foundation of hope

Member Spotlight
Rose Companies plan “Communities