March 2017


Talking Heads: Brian Montgomery, The Collingwood Group & Former FHA Commissioner
Inside HUD during transition

Life’s Lessons
What can we learn about Ben Carson from his journey to Housing Secretary?

Our Renters’ Stories
Indiana housing authority’s Portraits of the Human Spirit

Low Income Housing Tax Credit 

YIMBY Nation
The rise of America’s pro-housing coalition

Cohn Reznick Housing Tax Credit Monitor

Case Study: Dominium Saves St. Louis’ Giant Arcade
Three kinds of tax credits revive national treasure

Baltimore’s Project CORE Clears the Way
City and state team up to demolish hurdles to new development


Marty Bell: Blueprint for March, Transitions

Thom Amdur: New Developments, Up on Nixon Peabody’s roof

David A. Smith: The Guru Is In, Bringing School Home

Scott Beyer: Housing USA, Los Angeles: Skid Row in Hollywood