Help Protect the National Housing Trust Fund

The National Low Income Housing Coalition has composed a sign-on letter urging Congress to maintain funding for the National Housing Trust Fund, the only Federal Program designed to preserve and build housing for the lowest income bracket. In light of recent budget discussions from the Trump Administration, it’s possible this program faces significant budget cuts.

NH&RA is proud to be a signatory on the letter and urges its members to sign on as well by the March 22 deadline. See below for a message from NLIHC:

Funding for the HTF could face significant budget cuts and other threats this year.

President Donald Trump recently announced that his administration is preparing dramatic cuts to nondefense programs to help pay for a $54 billion increase in defense spending. These cuts would be on top of already very low spending caps required by law and would put affordable housing programs at significant risk. In the past, Congress has proposed to gut the HTF and to use its funding to fill holes in the HUD budget. Congress must instead ensure that all affordable housing programs—including the HTF—are fully funded.

The HTF is the only federal program designed to build and preserve housing affordable to people with the lowest incomes. We must ensure that the program is protected and expanded—not eliminated.

All organizations and local government officials are encouraged to sign onto a letter urging Congress to protect and expand the national Housing Trust Fund.

CLICK HERE to sign on to the letter.

To learn more about the HTF, see NLIHC’s factsheet

The deadline to sign the letter is March 22.

Questions/Comments? Please email with any questions.

Thank you for your support!