General Registration Instructions

To register for an NH&RA event, you need a username and password. Please contact NH&RA at [email protected] if you are having trouble retrieving your information.

Instructions For Existing Customers

  1. Find the event’s main page by hovering over the “Events” option in the top menu bar, selecting “Upcoming NH&RA Events,” and selecting the correct event. It will take you to a page that looks like the one below. Next, click the “REGISTER NOW” orange button on the right-hand side. Event page
  2. Enter your login information or the login information of the person you are registering. (The login information you enter will allow you to register anyone from your company who has an account with us.) If you’re a new customer, please see our instructions for creating a new account below.
    2 Registration log-in screen
  3. You may register yourself or anyone else from your company who has a HousingOnline account using the drop-down menu to the right. If you would like to register someone from your company who does not have an account, click “Register New.”
    4 Registration options
  4. You will automatically be directed to a “Basic Information” page where you can enter the registrant’s basic information. The name and company auto-populates, but you can make adjustments.
    4A Basic Info
  5. The next page will allow you to select the appropriate registration items2B Registration Options
  6. The confirmation page features a few options. You can click on “Continue” to checkout. 5 Register for another event or person
    If you have additional people from your company to register for this event, click “Register Another Individual” at the bottom of the page displayed above.Make sure you click “Select Another Registrant” to the right of the date (seen below) instead of simply changing the person’s name. It’s important that the event registration is linked to the HousingOnline account.
    6 Select Another RegistrantAfter you click “Select Another Registrant,” scroll down to the button to select the correct colleague from the drop-down menu.
  7. If you are not registering another individual and click “Continue,” you will be brought to the shopping cart contents page.Shopping Cart page
    If you have a promotion code, you may enter it in the “Promotion Field.” You may also select your payment option of paying by check or by credit card. If you select “Pay by Credit Card,” please fill in the credit card information and click “Submit” to complete the order. If you choose the “Pay by Check” option, you may complete the order by clicking the “Pay by Check” button.

Update Your Password & Personal Information

Once you have registered, we recommend you reset your password and update your profile.

  1. Select the “Maintain Personal Information” link from the “Services Menu” homepage.
  2. Select the “My Password” link.
  3. Select the “Change It” link and follow the instructions. If at any point you forget your password, you can visit the login page on and select and select the “Login Problems” link to reset your password.
  4. While you are logged in, we would like to encourage you to take a few minutes to update your profile and review your communications preferences. This will allow NH&RA to better customize our communications with you.
  5. Have you joined a new company? Moved offices? Have you expanded your practice? Be sure to check in every once in and while to update your profile as your business changes.

Instructions For New Customers

  1. If you are a new customer, click the following link to create an individual profile.
  2. Once you have created a web profile NH&RA will confirm your record has been created by emailing you your User ID and Password to the email address provided. At that point, you may follow the registration instructions provided above for Existing Customers.
  3. Please note your default status will for your new User ID be as a Non-NH&RA Member. If you wish to join NH&RA, you may click on the “Member Join” link in the Service Menu.

We’re Here to Help You

NH&RA is a membership organization, and our staff is here to serve you, our members. If you have any questions or require assistance regarding your membership, please feel free to contact NH&RA at 202-939-1750 or [email protected].