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Enterprise Blog Summarizes and Responds to Chairman Crapo’s Housing Finance Reform Outline

NH&RA member Enterprise Community Partner recently published a blog post on Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Chairman Mike Crapo’s (R-ID) housing finance reform outline. Vice President of Policy Development Andrew Jakabovics argues that eliminating the explicit commitment to affordable housing is a step in the wrong direction and that the housing finance system should be designed from the start to serve eligible borrowers of modest and mid-priced homes in the normal course of business and without special programs.

HUD to Cut Notice for Inspections of Public Housing and Privately Owned Apartment Buildings

HUD announced it is reducing the advance notice it provides to public housing authorities (PHAs) and private owners of HUD-subsidized apartment developments before their housing is inspected to ensure it is decent, safe and healthy.  HUD’s new standard provides PHAs and private owners of HUD-assisted housing 14 calendar days’ notice before an inspection, a dramatic reduction from the current notice which can frequently extend up to four months.

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NH&RA joins letter to protect the HTF and CMF

NH&RA joined a letter led by the National Housing Conference, the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the Capital Magnet Fund Coalition, LISC and the Opportunity Finance Network which calls on the Acting Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency to continue making allocations to the Capital Magnet Fund (CMF) and the national Housing Trust Fund (HTF).

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