NCHMA Member Designation

NCHMA members are encouraged to participate in our voluntary Member Designation program. The NCHMA Professional Member Designation program was created in the interest of fostering more accountability and professionalism in the field of residential real estate market analysis.

In order to qualify to participate in the NCHMA Professional Member Designation Program, the analyst must have an undergraduate degree and three (3) years of relevant experience –OR– minimum of ten (10) years relevant experience in the field. Upon application, the analyst must submit a professional resume for review and additional supporting documents as necessary.

Upon qualifying to participate, the Professional Members Designation Program is comprised of the following components:

  • NCHMA Membership
  • Peer Review
  • Continuing Education
  • Adherence to Member Designation Terms of Use
  • Adherence to Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice


NCHMA Membership
All analysts wishing to use NCHMA’s Professional Member Designation must be actively employed by a dues paying member firm.


Peer Review
Upon meeting threshold requirements (membership and professional experience), individual analysts seeking the Professional Member Designation Program must satisfactorily complete the Council’s Market Study Peer Review Process.

The peer review process is intended to be an educational undertaking designed to evaluate the analyst’s understanding of the market study process, NCHMA’s Model Content Standards and Best Practices as well as his or her ability to produce a report with credible conclusions that are determined not to be misleading in any manner. Click here for an overview of NCHMA’s Peer Review process.

Note: Adherence to NCHMA’s Model Content Standards, Index, and Terminology and a demonstrated understanding of the Council’s White Papers are key components to a successful peer review submission. Click here to learn more about NCHMA’s Model Content Standards.

Continuing Education
NCHMA requires Professionally Designated Members who sign and certify reports using the NCHMA Professional Member Designation to complete a minimum of 16 hours per year of continuing education units (CEUs). The Professional Member Designation Program operates on a calendar year (not the firm’s membership year), which means an individual must earn at least 16 CE credits between January 1 and December 31 of each year. This requirement can be met by attending relevant educational meetings and sessions at NCHMA & NH&RA conferences, as well as approved classes from other organizations. NCHMA and NH&RA provides sufficient hours of educational content at our conferences, enabling members to fulfill each year’s requirements entirely from its conferences. Additionally, members who research and present white papers and/or participate in NCHMA educational panels or sessions may receive up to four CEUs hours per qualifying event or project. Member Designates are required to earn at least 8 hours of the continuing education requirement at NH&RA or NCHMA events.

In order to receive credit, each Member Designate must submit this form to indicate the courses they completed to meet the CE requirement. The form is due by December 15 for each year that the member maintains the Designation. Continuing Education Submissions are subject to audit by NCHMA staff. Please submit this form to

Late or Incomplete Annual Education Credit Form

A Member Designate who submits a late or incomplete Annual Education Credit Form after December 15 will be subject to a late processing fee of $150. Designates who have not completed the continuing education requirement by December 15 will be given a six-month grace period. If they do not meet the continuing education requirement by June 15, they will have their Professional Member Designation status suspended until they meet their CE requirement, pass peer review, and pay the reinstatement fee. Any credits earned during this grace period to fulfill the previous year’s requirement will not count toward the current year.

Late Payment of Membership Dues

If your firm does not pay its membership dues within the one month grace period of your firm’s renewal date, your Professional Member Designation will be suspended until your firm pays its dues and a $150 late fee.

Adherence to Member Designation Terms of Use
This document governs how NCHMA’s Professional Member Designation and logo can be used in promotional materials, etc.  Click here to download the use agreement.

Adherence to Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice
One of NCHMA’s chief aims is to maintain the public trust in the professional work conducted by its members. The NCHMA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice were developed with this objective in mind. In this document we address the following topics: Honesty & Integrity, Confidentiality, Independence & Objectivity, Competency and Professionalism.  All analysts wishing to use NCHMA’s Professional Member Designation must adhere to NCHMA’s Code of Ethics.

If NH&RA/NCHMA Staff and the NCHMA Ethics Committee determine that a Member Designate has not upheld the NCHMA Code of Ethics, we have the right to revoke that person’s member designation and membership.