• Private Multifamily Affordable Rental Housing Developers
  • Non-Profit Multifamily Affordable Rental Housing Developers
  • Public Housing Authorities (PHAs)
  • Affiliate Sponsor Memberships are available for other affordable housing professionals including lawyers, accountants, consultants, syndicators, investment bankers, etc.


  • Representation: TDC represents the affordable rental housing and tax credit development community on important issues at bimonthly THDA Board and Tax Credit Committee meetings as well as the State Legislature;
  • Connectivity: TDC hosts regular council conference calls to keep members apprised of the most pressing tax credit and multifamily housing issues in Tennessee;
  • Information: TDC publishes regular memos to members on Council activities and relevant Tennessee affordable housing news;
  • Collaboration: TDC fosters collaboration among developers and in general the affordable housing and tax credit development community.


NH&RA has a long and productive working relationship with THDA and its senior leadership.  Over the years we have conducted training for the agency staff, worked with the agency on a number of national initiatives both through our own association and the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) and convened the executive leadership at our own events.  THDA’s senior leadership has indicated a desire for its developer partners to form an association to facilitate dialogue and exchange ideas on how to improve the LIHTC allocation process and encourage the creation and preservation of the affordable rental housing in Tennessee.  TDC provides a sounding board for THDA to bounce ideas off the development community and to more efficiently receive feedback.  Prior to the formation of TDC, Tennessee was one of the few states of size without a well organized affordable housing developers’ organization.

When & Where

TDC members convene in person through out the year, often in conjunction with THDA bimonthly board meetings and sponsored events, as well as hosts regular TDC conference calls.

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