Member Testimonials

Howard Cohen, Chairman, Beacon Communities LLC

Howard Cohen Head Shot_125

“You find the ‘thinking people’ at the NH&RA functions.”

Bernie Husser, President, BPH Enterprises


“The business environment at NH&RA events is terrific because it’s a great opportunity to catch up with both new and established business relationships at the scheduled networking events while also providing a relaxed setting to engage in longer conversations and build deeper personal connections.   The NH&RA staff and board work hard to pull together presentations focusing on the most current industry topics for the attendees and provide ample time outside the panels to discuss the issues in more detail.”

John Mackey, Advisory Board, Trinity Financial


“Over the years, I have found NH&RA offers a unique mix compared to the other seminar delivery options. A combination of networking and education in settings that encourage getting to know each other and developing relationships with people who have the same basic objectives but with each party fulfilling a piece of a large puzzle. Together we can deliver huge value to less fortunate people and have fun doing it.”

Pat Sheridan, Senior Vice President of Housing Development, Volunteers of America

Pat Sheridan

“I have found NH&RA membership and attendance at NH&RA events extremely beneficial to our ability to be up-to-the-minute on government programs and financing and investing news. Additionally, the relationships built networking at events have allowed us to work with effective and knowledgeable peers in our industry that we may not have had exposure to without the events.”

Holly Wiedemann, President, AU Associates Inc.

“NH&RA’s gatherings are always comprised of the brightest thinkers of our industry; the policymakers, deal makers, and doers who make the affordable housing and historic sector work. It is always intellectually stimulating, and I know I will always learn something new. It’s a great place to meet up with friends and share ideas.”