Funding for the federal government was scheduled to run out on Friday, Dec. 7. On Thursday, Dec. 6 Congress passed a short term continuing resolution that funds the remaining seven appropriations subcommittee bills through Dec. 21. President Trump signed the bill on Friday, Dec. 7.

Five of the twelve appropriations subcommittee bills are fully funded for all of FY 2019 and won’t need a CR to continue operating. The new Dec. 21 funding deadline may give members of Congress time to potentially negotiate a tax package along with funding for FY 2019.

House Republicans pulled a recently introduced tax package from the floor on Friday, Nov. 30 amid concerns that they didn’t have enough votes. Congressional Democrats argued they were shut out of the drafting process and the bill faced an up-hill battle in the Senate where it would likely require 60 votes for passage.

Updated December 7, 2018.