Aligning Action to End Homelessness

The US Interagency Council on Homelessness released a new report, Aligning Affordable Housing Efforts with Actions to End Homelessness. The report recommends nine strategies for aligning action to prevent and end homelessness:

  1. Align Efforts: Develop and strengthen partnerships needed to align efforts.
  2. Set Goals: Analyze local data, project needs, and set ambitious goals.
  3. Message Effectively: Develop effective public messaging to mobilize awareness and support.
  4. Encourage Development: Implement housing policies that temper rising costs and allow for affordable housing development.
  5. Engage Federal Programs: Involve a broad range of federally funded housing programs.
  6. Target and Scale State and Local Funding: Ensure that state and local financing and incentives support adequate development activity.
  7. Align Funding: Synchronize financing by aligning capital, service, and operating funding.
  8. Link Health and Housing: Align health and housing strategies and resources.
  9. Ensure Access: Ensure access for people with histories of homelessness, low incomes, and other housing barriers.