HUD Publishes Updated RAD Inventory Assessment Tool

HUD published an updated RAD Inventory Assessment Tool, an Excel-based tool designed to help public housing agencies (PHAs) make a first-level assessment of properties in their inventory for potential conversion of assistance to long-term Section 8 contracts. The tool is designed for PHAs that are newly considering or re-considering RAD at RAD rents based on the FY 18 Appropriation levels. This tool uses each public housing property’s “2018 RAD rents” and other pre-loaded property data to begin to structure an Income and Expense statement (or Operating Budget), as well as a Development Budget (Sources and Uses of funds) for each Asset Management Project (project) in a PHA’s portfolio. The user can then modify any of the information supplied, or any of the assumptions or formulas, to perform more detailed ‘what-if’ analyses to test different financing strategies or unit mixes, including the “RAD/Section 18 blend” (where a portion of the units are placed under standard Project-Based Voucher (PBV) contracts) or other scenarios where PBV or other unit-types are used.

Register here for a live webinar that HUD will host on the tool on Thursday, June 27 at 2 pm EDT. The webinar will be recorded and subsequently posted to