Novogradac Report Forecasts Big Changes if Dems Sweep Elections

An Election Day sweep by Democrats would make it more likely there would be legislative and regulatory changes to expand and enhance community development tax incentives, according to a report released Sept. 22 by Novogradac & Company LLP.

“However, there are complicating factors,” said Michael J. Novogradac, the company’s managing partner and lead author of the report. “Which Democrats make up a Senate majority would have an impact on what type of legislation could pass. Significant regulatory policies and appropriations levels would change if Democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House.”

“Blue Wave Effects: What a Democratic Sweep Could Mean for Affordable Housing, Community Development, Renewable Energy and Historic Preservation” says a sweep would, “Set the table” for  major legislation in 2021 related to tax provisions and appropriations. Novogradac said the report evaluates how legislation related to affordable housing, community development, renewable energy and historic preservation could fare.

“The effect of changing the tax code on tax credit equity pricing isn’t a simple equation,” Novogradac said. “In this report, we look at the factors that affect pricing and consider what might happen to different incentives under different scenarios.”

Copies of the report are available for a fee at