Guide to Public Housing Repositioning Released

HUD has made available a new Guide to Public Housing Repositioning, which reviews the different options, and associated planning considerations, available to Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) as they consider the long-term future of their portfolios. The focus of this Guide is on converting properties currently assisted under the Public Housing Program platform to the Section 8 Program platform, i.e., to “reposition” their Public Housing. HUD has produced three guides – one for Medium and Large PHAs (over 250 units), for Small PHAs (51-250 units) and for Very Small PHAs (50 or fewer units). Each Guide addresses the unique characteristics and opportunities most appropriate to PHAs of the respective size grouping. The guides address the repositioning options PHAs can use alone or in combination to achieve varied repositioning objectives:

  • Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD);
  • Section 18 Demolition/Disposition;
  • Streamlined Voluntary Conversion; and
  • Section 32 Homeownership Program, which most larger portfolio repositioning efforts inevitably will require.