During its 22nd year in affordable housing, CREA, LLC’s focus on purpose served as a catalyst for greater social and community impact. From employees to partners to residents, people remain at the center of CREA’s mission. This mentality extends to the affordable communities that stand and serve as the result of that mission. 

During 2022, CREA increased its community and social impact – most notably through employee volunteerism, corporate giving and the meaningful efforts of CREA Foundation. The groundwork of these endeavours began in 2021 when CREA carved out dedicated space for monthly awareness causes supported by contributions to relevant nonprofit organizations. In addition to these national recognitions, CREA donated to employee-recommended organizations of personal significance throughout the year. In total, CREA donated to 21 organizations across health, education and research, human services, and public/societal benefit sectors, as well as 10 organizations via employee matching gifts. These philanthropic contributions totalled over 250k, including CREA Foundation. Learn more within CREA’s 2022 Social Impact Report.