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Green Tax Incentive Compendium: Federal and State Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (July 1, 2015)

This volume presents certain federal and state tax incentives promoting the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. Each section outlines the basic features and regulatory requirements for a tax program which provides financial incentives for clean technology development through renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. For additional assistance with these tax incentives please contact Jerome […]


Utility Allowances in Federally Subsidized Multifamily Housing

Despite this split incentive problem, HUD has considerable leverage to reduce utility costs in its portfolio, which can benefit both HUD and households receiving a rental subsidy. While certain changes to HUD’s utility scheme would require congressional action and are therefore outside of HUD’s direct power to change, HUD administrators could change regulations and guidance […]


Household Energy Bills and Subsidized Housing

Household energy consumption is crucial to national energy policy. This article analyzes how the rules covering utility costs in the four major federal housing assistance programs alter landlord and tenant incentives for energy efficiency investment and conservation. We conclude that, relative to market-rate housing, assistance programs provide less incentive to landlords and tenants for energy […]


Methodology for Completing a Multifamily Housing Utility Analysis

This notice provides instruction to owners and management agents (O/As) for completing the utility analysis required at the time of the annual or special adjustment of contract rents and when a utility rate change results in a cumulative increase of 10 percent or more from the most recently approved utility allowance. A significant new development, […]


Building Energy Efficiency Partnerships for Affordable Multifamily Housing: 2015 and Beyond

This paper offers a snapshot of the resources devoted to promoting low-income multifamily housing energy efficiency retrofits; it describes many of the policies, public-private resources and partnerships influencing and funding the field in late 2014. Download


This Guide was created as part of the Energy Efficiency For All Project, a joint effort of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Housing Trust, the Energy Foundation, and Elevate Energy. Electric and gas utilities in the U.S. invest billions of dollars annually to help their customers become more energy efficient, often by making […]

Potential for Energy Savings in Affordable Multifamily Housing

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), National Housing Trust (NHT), Energy Foundation, Elevate Energy, and New Ecology are conducting a multistate and multiyear Energy Efficiency for All affordable multifamily housing efficiency project with the goal of cost effectively reducing energy consumption as a means of maintaining housing affordability, creating healthier and more comfortable living environments […]

Summerhill PTEE Research Report

NH&RA engaged Summerhill, an international energy efficiency research and marketing firm, to conduct follow-up surveys with attendees from the first four Preservation Through Energy Efficiency Road Shows. Through written surveys and follow-up interviews, Summerhill analyzed the efficacy of the Road Shows, identified the steps participants have taken following the events and provided insight into the […]

Beyond the CFL: Winning Imagery for Energy Efficiency

Public opinion research demonstrates widespread support for energy efficiency among Americans. Yet, research also shows that in the context of broader energy issues, energy efficiency emerges as a relatively low priority compared to energy sources like wind, solar, natural gas and more. Those working to advance energy efficiency policies and practices have struggled to capitalize […]

Saving Energy in Existing Multifamily Buildings

This presentation explored challenges and opportunities in achieving energy savings in multifamily buildings from an “on the ground” perspective. Using case studies and examples from recent CEE research and energy-efficiency programs, this presentation provides an overview of technologies and strategies that have proven to be effective and marketable energy-efficiency measures in Minnesota multifamily buildings, including: […]

Rooftop solar finds out utilities can disrupt, too

The article below points out how the utilities are fighting the solar industry by increasing their demand charges to compensate for customers generating their own power from solar. As some states and utilities define the rules of the game other states will follow suit. It also mentions how the regulations being in a state of […]

Valuing the Financial Benefits of Energy Efficiency in the Multifamily Sector

This paper focuses on how efficiency upgrades affect the financial performance of multifamily buildings. It also provides a replicable methodology for similar research to be carried out on Elevate Energy’s growing portfolio as well as other multifamily buildings nation-wide. Increasing the energy efficiency of multifamily buildings not only helps owners improve building operation, but also […]

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