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Ultimate Green: Residents Save Money at New Solar-Powered Apartment Property in Southern California

Residents get their electricity mostly for free at Arbor Green Apartments, a new 40-unit low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) development in Los Angeles County. The reason? A sprawling rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system at the site that supplies nearly all of the power for the entire property, including the apartments and common areas. Download

Making Green Building Work: The Importance of Resident Engagement

After a green affordable multifamily rental housing project is completed, either through new construction or renovation, will the expected energy and water cost savings actually be achieved? To a large degree, the answer depends on the day-to-day actions of the residents and whether they are motivated to conserve, either by financial rewards (e.g., smaller utility […]


PTEE Road Show Kickoff is an Eye-Opener for Attendees

More than 120 enthusiastic energy- and cost-concerned representatives from a variety of affordable housing companies and organizations filled a conference room in a building adjacent to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station on April 3 for a frank and incisive, daylong look at the true financial benefits that can be reaped from best practices in energy and […]

Harvesting Rain: System Design for Strategic Rainwater Capture

Conserving water through rainwater harvesting saves natural resources, providing water for use in buildings and for site irrigation.


HUD Notice has potential to encourage broad PHA renewable energy rollout

Housing authorities that are seeking alternate energy sources or new funding streams will be particularly interested in HUD’s latest PIH notice. It ushers in a number of programmatic changes in an effort to increase the use of on-site renewable energy technology at federally subsidized housing projects.

Show Me the [Efficiency] Money

Five real estate executives weigh in on what it will take to unlock $1.4 trillion in net energy savings through commercial building efficiency.

Reducing Water & Energy Use in Affordable Housing

National Housing Trust/Enterprise Preservation Corporation shares smart practices for investing in sustainability.

Retrofit Depot

Your Premier Resource for Deep Energy Retrofits! You may be able to find a lot of information and guides on energy retrofits, however none are focused on catalyzing deep energy retrofits across the U.S. commercial building stock. To this end, Retrofit Resources offers news, community, and tools for deep energy retrofits that are unbiased by […]

How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value

Energy efficiency projects in the United States and around the world are attractive investments, but receive far less attention and capital than they deserve. This is in part due to a narrow definition of their value that typically focuses on saved energy costs. Investors often ignore additional value—a robust land of untapped opportunity that sits […]

Want Engaged Employees? Unlock the Full Potential of Human Capital Through Sustainable Buildings

Businesses love to talk about employee engagement. In fact, an increasing number of businesses see employee engagement as an essential strategy for achieving their goals. Current attempts to engage employees take many forms, including volunteer programs, competitions, cash incentives, games, and giveaways, as well as award and recognition programs.

Would You Rather Own or Lease Your Rooftop Solar?

On a recent trip to Australia, I noticed that very few residential solar systems are leased. The vast majority are customer owned. Talking to industry experts, some claimed more than 90 percent of residential solar systems in Australia are customer owned. This is in stark contrast to the U.S., where last year 66 percent of […]

Top 10 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Common Areas

Preparing for another winter is not something we want to think about while basking in the last days of summer but it pays to plan! The Farmer’s Almanac forecast was spot on last winter and it looks like a cold winter is in store for many of us in 2014. Preparing for colder temperatures is […]

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