The House of Representatives Appropriations Committee recently approved FY 2014 spending caps, known as 302(b) allocations, for its 12 individual appropriations Subcommittees, including the Transportation-HUD (T-HUD) and Agriculture-Rural Development Subcommittees. The Committee approved the T-HUD Subcommittee’s FY 2014 spending allocation at $44.1 billion which is $7.5 billion less than the Subcommittee’s FY 2013 allocation, $4 billion less than the post-sequestration FY 2013 appropriated total and $7.5 billion less than the Administration’s FY 2014 Budget request. The Committee approved the Agriculture-Rural Development Subcommittee at $19.5 billion, which is nearly the same as the FY 2013 appropriated level and the Administration’s FY 2014 Budget request. Both the Senate’s budget resolution and Administration’s budget request assume sequestration is replaced and include higher spending levels. The Senate has not yet announced its 302(b) allocations.

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