NH&RA members are key development and funding partners in the Choice Neighborhood grants that the Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded in Atlanta, Kansas City, Memphis, and Sacramento. Project summaries and NH&RA partners are outlined below. Click here to read the full project summary.

Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Housing Authority and the City of Atlanta were awarded a $30 million FY2014/15 Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant for the University Choice Neighborhood. The UCN is the former home of the demolished University Homes public housing development. To replace the University Homes, 446 new, mixed-income units will be constructed, including 229 replacement units. As a result of a FY2010 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant, the Transformation Plan also calls for broader neighborhood revitalization efforts, such as replacing blighted properties, creating transportation connections, engaging at-risk youth, and strengthening early education.

Key partners include: McCormack Baron Salazar

Key funders include: Enterprise Community Investment, Bellwether Enterprise

Kansas City, MO

The Housing Authority of Kansas City and the City of Kansas City, Missouri were awarded a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant to revitalize the Paseo Gateway district. A community-driven vision created through a FY2010 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant will guide the neighborhood’s transformation. This vision includes redeveloping the isolated, 134-unit Chouteau Courts public housing project, which sits on top of an old landfill surrounded by two interstate highways. In its place, a 360-unit mixed-income community will be built in new locations. The plan also calls for increasing public safety and commercial investment by rejuvenating key corridors, parks, and vacant properties.

Key partners include: LISC

Key funders include: LISC, The Richman Group, Sugar Creek Realty

Memphis, TN

The Memphis Housing Authority and the City of Memphis were awarded a $29.75 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant to revitalize the South City neighborhood of Memphis. Within South City is Foote Homes – the last remaining traditional public housing development in Memphis. Through Choice Neighborhoods, the deteriorating, 420-unit Foote Homes development will be revitalized with more than 700 new market rate and affordable housing units created to attract a range of incomes. These housing investments will be complemented with much needed community assets, such as retail, grocery stores, and an early education center, as well as a small business micro loan fund, improved transit, historic preservation initiatives, and education and job opportunities for families.

Key partners include: McCormack Baron Salazar

Key funders include: US Bancorp Community Development Corporation

Milwaukee, WI

The City of Milwaukee and the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee were awarded a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant to redevelop the Westlawn public housing development and revitalize the surrounding Westlawn neighborhood. The Transformation Plan includes the redevelopment of 708 new mixed-income housing units, including 394 replacement units, both on the Westlawn site and in the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, the plan includes strategic investments to improve the entire neighborhood by reducing the negative effects of foreclosures, improving access to retail and transportation, and strengthening families’ health and employment.

Key funders include: Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee

Sacramento, CA

The Housing Authority of the County of Sacramento and the City of Sacramento were awarded a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant to place the River District-Railyards area and its people back into the network of the city – physically, economically and socially. As result of a multi-year planning process and the support by a FY2011 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant, the Transformation Plan calls for the demolition of the 218-unit Twin Rivers public housing site and the development of 487 units of mixed-income housing. The plan also brings new transit service to the neighborhood and better and improvements to local homeless services facilities.

Key partners include: McCormack Baron Salazar