Grounded Solutions Network launched its new Inclusionary Housing Database Map today, in partnership with Fannie Mae. This interactive, web-based tool identifies over 800 local rental and homeownership inclusionary housing programs nationwide and includes data on state-level legislation and judicial decisions that are related to the adoption of local inclusionary housing policies. Inclusionary housing programs or policies require or incentivize the creation of affordable housing when new development occurs. The map is intended for both local government policymakers and community leaders interested in inclusionary housing programs.

Today’s launch marks the initial beta version of the map. Through their partnership with Fannie Mae, Grounded Solutions Network will continue to update the map over the coming months, including through additional data collection and user interface improvements. Local governments are encouraged to add their inclusionary housing programs to the map or update their program’s information using this form.

“Fannie Mae is proud to partner with Grounded Solutions Network on this important tool,” said Bob Simpson, Vice President of Affordable and Green Financing, Fannie Mae. “Inclusionary housing is a proven solution to help the affordable housing needs faced by many communities throughout the country. This database map will provide valuable information to our affordable and workforce housing partners across the country who are interested in the opportunities that inclusionary housing can provide to low- and moderate income renter households.”