Texas to Release Staff Draft of 2019 QAP in August, Feedback Solicited

In August 2018, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (“TDHCA”) Multifamily Finance staff intends to release a staff DRAFT of the 2019 Qualified Allocation Plan (“QAP”) for stakeholder input. The staff DRAFT may include proposed revisions in light of the monthly roundtables held in 2018 as well as language improvements to address issues that have arisen in the administration of the 2018 QAP.

Staff continues to solicit and welcome input from stakeholders. Ideas received in time to include in the staff DRAFT will help to keep the development of the 2019 QAP as smooth as possible. Stakeholders are strongly encouraged to post in the existing online forums regarding certain components of the 2019 QAP at: https://tdhca.websitetoolbox.com/?forum=641367. Input can also be directed to TDHCA Multifamily Policy Research Specialist Patrick Russell at patrick.russell@tdhca.state.tx.us.

Staff intends to consolidate all applicable rules regarding nine percent Low Income Housing Tax Credits (scoring, threshold, etc.) into a single QAP, 10 TAC Chapter 11. This proposed revision will entail transferring (or duplicating, along with changes necessitated by the treatment of the 9% program) many aspects of 10 TAC Chapter 10 (2018 rules) into 10 TAC Chapter 11 for the 2019 cycle. Staff welcomes input regarding this change to the QAP.