The Council of Development Finance Agencies has issued a new report titled, “CDFA Opportunity Zones Report: State of the States.” Recognizing that Opportunity Zones have the potential to be a transformative economic development tool in distressed areas around the country, CDFA members are actively developing Opportunity Zones strategies to attract investment, identify additional development finance tools to work alongside Opportunity Fund investments, and to align local economic development priorities with their financing capacity. It is essential that state and local agencies recognize that not every Opportunity Zone will receive investment without their leadership. Every state, district, and territory should be engaging their local stakeholders to provide consistent information and clear education about Opportunity Zones.  This report details a survey of 41 states completed in July 2018 as partC of a coordinated technical assistance webinar provided to state agencies from CDFA and the Economic Innovation Group. It also includes several examples of state Opportunity Zones strategies actively in development.  Click here to download the report.