The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) has published a new report entitled, “RENTAL HOUSING FOR A 21ST CENTURY RURAL AMERICA USDA’s Rural Rental Housing Portfolio: A Platform for Preservation.”  The report highlights the increasing lack of affordable housing in rural America and the role of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)  in financing rental homes.  Today there are over 13,000 USDA rental properties providing more than 415,000 affordable homes to families and individuals across rural America.

No new USDA direct-financed rental housing has been developed in years, and the existing properties are increasingly losing their affordability provisions. The impacts of this trend are problematic for rural renters and communities.  The Housing Assistance Council conducted a comprehensive assessment of USDA’s multi-family housing investments to better understand this issue and inform strategies that preserve this resource for rural communities and residents.  Click here to read the report.