In London Breed’s first State of the City address as San Francisco’s mayor she announced plans for a charter amendment to make affordable and teacher housing development as-of-right in San Francisco. The charter amendment proposed for the November 2019 election, would allow 100 percent affordable and teacher housing proposals that comply with existing zoning laws to bypass the usual bureaucratic and appeals process that can result in long and costly delays. The as-of-right approval process would be paired with a $300 million bond to fund the creation of affordable housing.

Breed also announced 4,000 new placements over the next four years for people experiencing homelessness which would include new shelters, step-up housing units, homeless housing units and housing subsidies. To help achieve this goal, Mayor Breed called for $185 million of the recently announced windfall in newly available property tax revenue to be spent on homelessness, behavioral health and affordable housing.