US Conference of Mayors Calls on Candidates to Expand HUD Funding

The United States Conference of Mayors has issued a new report “Mayor’s Vision For America: A 2020 Call To Action” which calls for new investments in infrastructure, innovation and inclusion.  The report outlines 12 priorities including to “make housing more affordable and end homelessness.”  The report specifically calls for increased funding for the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Program as well as the creation of a new program for blighted neighborhood restoration.  Additionally, the report calls for the expansion of rental housing supply noting, “There is an increased need for rental housing. The nation needs to create and pursue policies to develop more rental housing. Specifically, mayors call on the President and Congress to:

  • Create a new rental housing production program to serve the needs of working families.
  • Support the National Housing Trust Fund.
  • Increase funding for the HOME Investment Partnerships program.
  • Maintain one of the nation’s largest infrastructure investments – public housing – through
    significant funding increases geared toward capital improvements.”

The report also calls for comprehensive approaches to homelessness and to “support holistic and inclusive community development.”