HUD Seeks NSPIRE Participants, Feedback

HUD is seeking 4,500 participants for its National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) demonstration, which updates the Real Estate Assessment Center’s (REAC) physical housing inspection process and prioritizes health and safety over appearance, with a renewed focus on the areas that impact residents directly. NSPIRE brings more objective standards, value-added inspection protocols and scoring elements that are more defensible and less complex. Click here to learn more and register to participate in the demonstration.

HUD is also seeking comments to ensure clarity, accuracy and overall usability on early versions of NSPIRE standards for HUD-assisted housing. Instructions on how to submit feedback are available here.

NH&RA held two conference sessions on the changing REAC standards at our 2019 Asset Management and 2019 Fall Developers Forum. We encourage our PHA and owner members to participate in the NSPIRE demonstration to learn about and influence the changing standards. Please contact Kaitlyn Snyder at to learn more!