HUD Handbook 4350.1, Chapter 38, contains useful information about disaster preparedness and maintaining an up to date disaster plan.

The earthquakes affecting Puerto Rico have had a substantial impact to the island, as well as to many HUD properties. Several owners of impacted properties have reported to HUD that they have vacant units as a result of these recent earthquakes. In some cases, entire properties are uninhabitable. Be advised that owners of properties with HUD project-based assistance contracts with vacant units should not voucher for those units until they are reoccupied. Where HUD has been made aware of vacant units or properties, assistance vouchers will not be approved for payment until the property has been determined to be safe for occupancy and reoccupied.

HUD asks owners to continue to keep them apprised of property conditions and vacancies. Inspection teams visited properties in Puerto Rico in February and will continue in March. The teams will work with owners on scheduling these inspections.