Virginia Forbearance Program

In response to the COVID-19 national emergency, the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) will be offering a mortgage forbearance program for VHDA financed loans, loans through the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Virginia Housing Trust Fund.

During the week of May 18, Virginia Housing will send an email from to the financial contacts for all properties. Please note, the financial contact in VHDA records may be a designated person other than the borrower. Please verify that the financial contact (most likely the management agent if not the borrower) is aware that this email is forthcoming.

For reference please see the detailed Forbearance Response Summary, Comparison of Multifamily Forbearance Eviction Provision (a chart comparing the VHDA response to Fannie Mae’s), a form of VHDA’s Forbearance Agreement (your signature of which will be done electronically as part of the forbearance offer and application process), and black line of the VHDA Forbearance Agreement Compared to the Fannie Mae Forbearance Agreement.

For any questions, please contact Nina Nolley, director of Rental Servicing, at