The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Coalition has published its latest annual progress report for the NMTC Program.   The 2019 survey findings show that program participants – from investors to community development organizations to the CDFI Fund – continue to improve and refine the program’s efficiency and impact in low-income communities.   The report finds that projects were located in nearly 200 cities in 48 states and territories.  In 2019 288 projects totaling $4.5 billion received $2.7 billion in NMTC allocation (at a cost to the federal government of $679 million).  Eighty-six percent of projects were located in severely distressed communities far exceeding the statutory requirements for distress, and 26 percent of NMTC financing went to non-metropolitan counties with an additional 5 percent in rural areas of metropolitan counties.  CDEs created 57,414 jobs in 2019, including 35,440 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs and 21,973 temporary construction jobs. The federal cost per job comes to $12,144.