Maryland Assisted Housing Relief Program Update

The Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) is extending the Assisted Housing Relief Program (AHRP) to cover rent delinquencies through October. Applications will be accepted starting November 2, 2020. The application period will close on November 20, 2020.

The Assisted Housing Relief Program was created to assist families experiencing a COVID-19-related financial hardship that negatively impacts their ability to maintain their rental housing payment. The Program’s assistance will be provided directly to the assisted property – providing relief for tenants at home and for landlords experiencing revenue losses that challenge the sustainability of the housing operation. Tenants in eligible properties may receive assistance for unpaid rents for the period beginning April 1 and ending October 31, 2020. Assistance will be paid directly to the property.

If funding requests exceed the amount of funding available, DHCD may prorate each property’s funds. If a property accepts prorated funds, they waive the right to collect funds for the remaining portion. The Program is limited to rental units in multifamily projects with State financing or LIHTCs.

Application Instructions:

  • If you have previously submitted an application for your property, please ensure that no previously reported delinquencies are included on your Owner Loss form.
  • When adding October delinquencies for tenants that have been previously submitted for, please submit the Owner Loss form with only the October delinquency listed.
  • When adding new tenants for a previously submitted property, please submit the Owner Loss form and include the signed Tenant Certification.
  • For properties submitting for losses for the first time, an Application, a Form W-9, an Owner Loss form, and Tenant Certifications must be submitted
  • Hand-written Owner Loss forms are not accepted. Owner Loss forms must be signed.