Opportunity for All is an essay series from the Urban Institute exploring how the federal government can help all neighborhoods become places of opportunity and inclusion. In a new brief, Federal Reforms to Strengthen Housing Stability, Affordability and Choice, the authors highlight the following eight frequently proposed federal reforms to existing housing programs and policies, identify their support among relevant housing stakeholders, and discuss evidence of their impact on housing stability, affordability and choice:

  1. Increase funding for Housing Choice (Section 8) Vouchers;
  2. Restore and expand funding for the Public Housing Capital Fund;
  3. Expand the National Housing Trust Fund;
  4. Restore and enforce HUD’s fair housing rules;
  5. Clarify and enforce fair housing requirements for new LIHTC construction;
  6. Provide funding for legal representation to tenants facing eviction;
  7. Support shared-equity homeownership; and
  8. Implement a national renter tax credit.