The Tennessee Housing Development Agency requires all properties to complete their 2021 annual reporting requirements in the Tennessee Housing Online Multifamily Application System (THOMAS) by 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 15, 2022. However, THDA is asking all properties to take immediate action and complete the steps below to ensure proper system utilization and program compliance. 

In preparation for the annual reporting process, THDA is requesting that all properties verify they have attained initial access to THOMAS, have all appropriate roles and responsibilities established, and are familiar with navigating the new system. Please refer to the recently updated THOMAS Compliance Guide for detailed instructions to perform the following actions:  

  • Creating an account in THOMAS; 
  • Requesting access to a property; 
  • Completing Owner Annual Certifications & Tenant Data submissions; and 
  • Performing XML uploads.  

Please note, each property will need to assign one Owner Admin. That person will need to be an official member of the ownership entity and specifically named in the entity’s organization chart. Once the initial Owner Admin request is made, THDA will verify the requestor’s credentials and approve as needed. The Owner Admin will then need to approve all other access requests for each property and is responsible for all assigned users. Access roles and responsibilities are outlined on page eight of the THOMAS Compliance Guide. 

In addition, THDA is asking all Owner Admins to verify their property information in THOMAS. Please refer to the Development Summary tab of each property where you will find sections displaying Property Details, Owner Entity and Property Management Company. Please ensure the accuracy of all three fields. If any information needs to be added or revised, those change requests can be made directly from the Development Summary page and submitted to THDA for review and approval.  

If you experience any technical difficulties that you are unable to resolve with the THOMAS Compliance Guide, please contact Chuck O’Donnell at