Each year HUD’s Inspector General is required to submit a report to the HUD Secretary detailing the most serious management and performance challenges facing the Department. The Inspector General identified the following ten top management challenges, organized to align with HUD’s strategic goals: Advance Economic Opportunity; Protect Taxpayer Funds; and Streamline Operations: 

  1. Eliminating Hazards in HUD-Assisted Housing; 
  2. Mitigating Counterparty Risks in Mortgage Programs; 
  3. Ensuring Access to and Availability of Affordable Housing; 
  4. Grants Management; 
  5. Fraud Risk Management; 
  6. Administering Disaster Recovery Assistance; 
  7. Sustaining Progress in Financial Management; 
  8. Managing Human Capital; 
  9. Management and Oversight of Information Technology; and 
  10. Increasing Efficiency in Procurement. 

Observes NH&RA President Thom Amdur, “This report serves as a sort of road map of HUD’s priorities in the coming year. As REAC and Management Operating Review inspections ramp back up and the first data comes in from HUD’s new NSPIRE program it is no surprise that that Eliminating Hazards in HUD-Assisted Housing is number one on the list. We definitely expect to see a lot more activity in this area in the coming year. NH&RA members would do well to reorient their asset management infrastructure to better prepare greater emphasis from HUD in this area.”