Over the weekend, the Senate Finance Committee released its portion of the Build Back Better Act, which makes important modifications to the LIHTC provisions in the bill. The nine percent allocation increase would now run from 2022 through 2025 to better align with other expiring tax provisions.  

  Per Capita  Small State Minimum  % Increase Over 2021 Levels 
2022  $2.93  $3,346,875  4.3 
2023  $2.98  $3,425,625  6.0 
2024  $3.04  $3,504,375  8.2 
2025  $3.86  $4,481,950  37.4 


The bill also modifies the extremely low-income (ELI) basis boost to clarify that the boost applies to the fraction of units that serve ELI households and caps Private Activity Bond issuance for the ELI basis boost to eight percent of the state ceiling.