In response to public comment received during and subsequent to the recent rule development workshops, Florida Housing revised sub-paragraph 67-21.014(2)(r)6., paragraph 67-21.026(12)(e) and paragraph 67-48.0072(17)(f), F.A.C., to read as follows: 

Ensure that no construction or inspection work is performed by the General Contractor, with the following exceptions: (i) the General Contractor may perform its duties to manage and control the construction of the Development; and (ii) the General Contractor may self-perform work of a de minimis amount, defined for purposes of this paragraph as the lesser of $350,000 or five percent of the construction contract;  

Florida Housing recognizes that allowing the General Contractor to self-perform work may result in time and cost savings to the Development. In reviewing the comments received and the history of waivers requested, a cap of the lesser of $350,000 or five percent of the construction contract allows for self-performance of punch list items, which we anticipate to be less than $100,000, and also allows for other instances where a subcontractor becomes insolvent or fails to perform and the General Contractor must self-perform in the interim in order to maintain forward progress on construction. 

This language is included in the revised 2022 QAP, Final Cost Certification Package and Non-Competitive Application Package