An updated HOME American Rescue Plan (HOME-ARP) Allocation Plan will be presented to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs’ Governing Board on April 14. The Allocation Plan programs approximately $132 million for development of affordable rental housing and non-congregate shelters (NCS), nonprofit capacity building funds/operating funds, and administration. Updates reflect program design changes to the NCS and nonprofit capacity building/operating cost assistance activities, and additional clarifications before submission to HUD.  

The Plan was developed as a result of consultation, an open public comment period and presented to the Board with updates. The HOME-ARP Allocation Plan will be presented to the Board a second time with additional updates to allow for more flexibility, and to respond to additional guidance from HUD on plan acceptance. Changes include an option for a separate application process, and greater amount of assistance allowed for non-profit capacity building/operating funds, a higher amount allowed for NCS applications, creating a more uniform set of preferences for NCS and Rental Housing, and adding an additional referral method option.   

The HOME-ARP Allocation Plan can be found as Action Item 6 in the April Board Book. Questions may be directed to Naomi Cantu, HOME-ARP Director, at or 737-247-1088.