Effective May 6, Ohio’s 2022 Program Calendar for four percent LIHTC applications that are not seeking gap financing will fully transition from quarterly submissions to an open submission window. This open submission window only applies to four percent LIHTC applications that are not seeking gap financing. Applicants still must contact OHFA at least 45 days in advance of applying to schedule a pre-application meeting; though OHFA may choose to waive the meeting. Such applicants may now submit an application to OHFA at any time after the 45-day notification period. OHFA will accept four percent LIHTC applications not seeking gap financing through Nov. 22, 2022. OHFA anticipates a continuation of the open submission window in 2023 and will release the 2023 four percent LIHTC calendar in conjunction with the Technical Revisions for the 2022-2023 Qualified Allocation Plan. Four percent LIHTC applicants that are seeking gap financing are encouraged to participate in the annual, competitive Bond Gap Financing (BGF) program. If you have questions, you may contact Taylor Koch.