New Hampshire Housing updated its financing application to be completed for all LIHTC, tax-exempt bond and other non-supportive housing project applications. Please complete this revised application for all project application submissions going forward, including for the 2023 nine percent LIHTC Application round. Prior versions of the application will not be accepted due to important changes that were made.

Some noteworthy revisions to the application include the addition of a Rent Grid to aid in determining the rents for each unit type pursuant to NH Housing Underwriting Standards and Development Policies for Multifamily Finance (see section 5.03), revisions to the Construction Sources & Uses tab for ease of use, and improvements to the calculations for the developer fee for four percent LIHTC projects. 

Questions about the application and any revisions can be directed to Tom Krebs, program manager, multifamily underwriting at and (603)-310-9280 or Laura Carlier, program manager, LIHTC at and (603)-310-9292.