Tapestry Development Group and Vizion Driven Communities announced that their organizations have merged. This merger allows Tapestry to expand its mission to develop affordable housing throughout the southeast and brings VDC’s extensive experience working with public housing authorities to Tapestry. Tapestry will assume much of the day-to-day responsibility for managing VDC’s current active projects and will explore future development opportunities in Alabama. Tapestry will have a satellite office in Opelika, AL while maintaining its core operations in Decatur, GA.

VDC, led by Judy Van Dyke, will continue to be active on a selected basis in projects with Tapestry and additional consulting in the future. This merger will allow Van Dyke to phase into retirement while remaining active in current projects, maintaining current industry relationships and sourcing new business for Tapestry for several years to come. Most development work will continue under Tapestry’s name, but VDC will remain active in its current projects and as a consultant in the future.