WinnCompanies announced the promotion of five team members to vice president and senior vice president positions for the company.

Promoted to Senior Vice President were:

  • Barbara Breton, who oversees WinnResidential’s operation for 60 properties totaling more than 5,400 units located in California, Arizona and Illinois. She also oversees the management company’s compliance function for California, the second largest state in the company’s management portfolio.
  • Angela Cisneros, who oversees a diverse portfolio of more than 140 housing properties totaling approximately 11,000 units that stretch from Central California to Northern California.
  • Steven DeTore, who oversees business planning for WinnResidential, including the development and joint oversight of the management company’s strategic vision and business plan. corporate resource allocations, new business development and key business initiatives. 
  • Maurice Rondeau, who is responsible for leading large-scale learning and development efforts WinnCompanies’ residential and corporate teams, including the creation and implementation of solid blending learning programs with measurable outcomes and evaluation methodologies.

Promoted to Vice President was:

  • Kelly Spangler, who is responsible for addressing organizational changes and challenges as a member of the Human Resources, Learning and Development team, including compensation, HRIS and people analytics, employee relations, performance management and employee engagement.