Mayor Eric Adams (D) made housing one of his main priorities at his 2023 State of the City speech along with jobs, care, and safety and quality of life.

In the speech Adams proposed rezonings to add housing in midtown Manhattan and the North Shore of Staten Island. He is working with Councilmembers Erik Bottcher and Keith Powers, who represent midtown Manhattan, and Councilmember Kamillah Hanks who represents the North Short of Staten Island. When more details on the program are released, we will share the information.

Adams also proposed $22 million for tenant protection programs to add staff to investigate landlords that are pushing out rent-regulated tenants or discriminating against tenants based on their source of income (i.e. using rental assistance).

And he proposed expanding the Big Apple Connect program to provide free broadband and TV to more New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) developments and to provide free broadband to households with Section 8 vouchers through a new pilot program in the Bronx and northern Manhattan.

You can see the press release and text of Mayor Adams’s State of the City speech here.